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Welcome to the Carer Recovery webspace.  Below you find details about my PhD research that explores the concept of recovery for carers and relatives of those with psychosis and schizophrenia.


The ‘recovery’ movement is a fairly recent concept that is used to describe how a service user might make positive social changes to their lives despite still having symptoms.

Recovery for relatives and carers? 

There are some researchers who have argued that relatives and carers go on their own parallel journey of recovery alongside the service user.

Carers go through their own trauma when their loved one becomes unwell and it’s a big change to become a carer. Suddenly a parent or partner becomes a carer and this can be distressing and their life gets turned up side down. Caring for someone with serious mental illness can have negative effects on a carers physical and mental health.

By looking at the way that carers adapt and change because of their new caring role can help us understand how best to support them. Recovery for carers could mean finding new meaning and purpose in their life, gaining a sense of community with other carers through support groups, increased connections with their relationships and gaining a deeper understanding and empathy for those with serious mental illness.

If you would like to understand more about the recovery movement, here are some useful references.

Useful references

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